Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Alex Kidd in Miracle World was released on 1st November 1986 in Japan. It’s a jump and run game. The release in US was in December 1986 followed by Europe in September 1987. From 1990 on the game was integrated in the Sega Master System II console.

Story of Miracle World

Many centuries ago, on the planet Aries, there lived a boy named Alex Kidd. He spent seven years on Mount Eternal learning the art of smashing rocks, also called shellcore. On returning home, he found a dying man who told him that his home town of Radaxian was in great danger. Before he died, he gave Alex a piece of map and a sunstone medallion. Alex finds out that Janken the Great, ruler of the planet Janbarik, wants to conquer the beautiful city of Radaxian together with his minions and rule it forever. He travels to Miracle World to defeat Janken and his evil servants.

Gameplay of Miracle World

You move Alex Kidd with a simple controller. On the left side you have a d-pad and on the right side two buttons (jump, punch). The game contains eleven levels, through which you fight mainly by jumping and hitting with your fist. You collect money bags, destroy stone blocks and crates, some of which contain valuable objects. You eliminate the enemies, most of whom belong to the animal kingdom, with a fist punch. In some levels there is a shop where you can invest your collected money in vehicles or utensils, such as a motorbike or a helicopter, but also in new lives. If you meet one of Janken’s servants, you have to compete against them in the rock-paper-scissors game.

Final thoughts

I have had a lot of fun with the original game. I also find a remake for mobile devices for two Euro here.

If you can’t remember the game itself you will look here. There are a lot of screenshots.

There is a similar version of game available on steam. It’s with HD graphic and gameplay improvements as well as new levels.

If you like jump and run I advise you to try one of the above options.

Video of PunchKidd (mobile retro version of Akex Kidd in miracle world)

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