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Shimakaze destroyer

World of Warships Blitz is a popular mobile game that features epic naval battles. In this game, you control different types of warships and engage in thrilling battles on the high seas. In this guide I give an overview of the different destroyer and their strengths and weaknesses as well as a good way of playing them.


The fastest type of ship are destroyer. They use their stealth, speed and maneuverability as well as the given terrain to do damage and overwhelm hostile ships. Their stealth ability is defined by the detection range and the ability to create a smoke.

Detection in World of Warships Bliz

The detection can be reduced by buying the equipment consealment system modification. It reduced the detection range by 10 %. The camouflage can give an additional reduction in detection range. Camouflage can be earned during events or in the item shop. If you fire your main guns your detection range will be increased significantly. So you be detected earlier. Another way of diving into undetectable is the use of smoke. The disadvantage is that you can be detected by radar system and sonar.

Users of smoke

  • USA from Tier 6 to 10 (Farragut, Mayan, Benson, Fletcher, Gearing)
  • Japan from Tier 6 to 10 (Hatsuharu, Shiratsuyu, Akizuki, Kitakaze, Harugumo) main gun destroyers and from Tier 8 to 10 (Kagero, Yugumo, Shimakaze) torpedo destroyers
  • United Kingdom from Tier 3 to 10 (Valkyrie, Wakeful, Acasta, Icarus, Jervis, Lightning, Jutland, Daring)
  • Germany from Tier 9 to 10 (Z46, Z-52)
  • UdSSR from Tier 8 to 10 (Ognewoi, Udaloi, Grosowoi)
  • Asia from Tier 6 to 10 (Fushun, Gadjah Mada, Hsienyang, Chung Mu, Yueyang)
  • Italy from Tier 3 to 10 (Nazario Sauro, Turbine, Maestrale, Aviere, Luca Tarigo, Vittorio Cuniberti, Adriatico)

Detectors of smoke

  • Asia from Tier 8 – radar (Hsienyang, Chung Mu, Yueyang)
  • Europe from Tier 6 – radar (Västerås, Skåne, Öland, Östergötland, Halland)
  • United Kingdom from Tier 7 – sonar (Jervis, Lightning, Jutland, Daring)
  • Germany from Tier 6 – sonar (Ernst Gaede, Leberrecht Maas, Z23, Z46, Z52)

Also the other ship classes like cruisers and battleships can detect you due to sonar and radar.

Cruisers with radar and sonar

The light cruisers of the US Navy (from Tier 7: Brooklyn, Cleveland, Seattle, Worcester) have sonar as well as the Royal Navy – United Kingdom [from Tier 9: Drake, Minotaur (Tier 10), Goliath (Tier 10)].

Different categories of destroyer

There are different categories of destroyer as torpedo destroyer, stealth destroyer and gunship destroyer. All of them will be mentioned in the destroyer guide. See them in detail below.

Torpedo destroyer

Torpedo destroyers are designed to launch torpedoes at enemy ships from a distance. They are best used for ambushing enemy ships and taking them out with a single torpedo volley. Torpedo destroyers are Japanese, Chinese.

Gameplay tips:

  • Head to the area where your torpedoes will inflict the most damage. Your primary targets are battleships
  • Hunt your prey where it is most vulnerable, such as in narrow channels or around islands
  • Use your speed and agility to avoid enemy fire and get into position to launch your torpedoes
  • Be patient and wait for the right moment to launch your torpedoes. Don’t waste them on low-value targets
  • Use your smoke screen to hide from enemy ships and escape from danger (at higher tier)

Gunship destroyer

Gunship destroyers are designed to engage enemy ships with their guns. They are best used for harassing enemy ships and providing support to friendly ships. Gunship destroyers are e. g. USA, Russia and France.

For USA destroyers all destroyers are meant be gunships (with smoke from tier 6 on). The Russia tech tree is divided at tier 8. Gunships are Tashkent, Kiev, Delny. Torpedo destroyers are Ognewoi, Udaloi, Grosowoi.

Gameplay tips:

  • Stay close to friendly ships and provide them with cover fire
  • Use your speed and agility to dodge enemy fire and get into position to engage enemy ships
  • Focus on low-health targets and finish them off with your guns
  • Use your smoke screen to hide from enemy ships and escape from danger

Stealth destroyers

Stealth destroyers are designed to remain hidden from enemy ships and launch surprise attacks. They are best used for scouting enemy positions and taking out high-value targets. They don‘t have speed booster and have to rely on their stealth. Stealth destroyers are e. g. from British Empire.

Gameplay tips:

  • Stay hidden from enemy ships and use your concealment to your advantage
  • Use your speed and agility to get into position to launch surprise attacks
  • Focus on high-value targets, such as enemy carriers or battleships
  • Use your smoke screen to hide from enemy ships and escape from danger

Role of the destroyer in the game

The main role of the destroyer is to seek and destroy. Beside of that stealthy destroyers are focused on hostile battleships. Gunships do assist in finite on enemy ships and try to do not take to much damage. Destroyers are the scout of the team to assist your cruisers and battleships in focused fire on detected hostile ships.

How you choose your destroyer

Decide what you think will be your playstyle (torpedo, gunship, stealth). You always start at tier one with a cruiser. So, the first impression will be a gunship. At tier two you can use torpedos for each destroyer. If you like to test the stealthy way you will select Valkyrie from British Empire at tier three.

If you are looking for an Allrounder destroyer then the three following destroyer lines are a good choice. So till Tier 6 you will have no smoke and from then on you can play an allrounder with smoke and speed boost.

Farragut (USA) Tier 6
Aviere (Italy) Tier 6
Ernst Gaede (Germany) Tier 6

Farragut is place one in the ranking because it has good torpedo range and good range for the guns. Place two is Ernst Gaede because it has great support with sonar, beside of the fact, that it has no smoke. Aviere is place three because it has good torpedo range, but short range of the guns. You will suffer the most damage with it if can are able to do damage by your own. Also the smoke duration is only few seconds compared to the smoke of Farragut.

Remember: the best way to do better is due to practice. I hope you have enjoy reading the destroyer guide.


Pictures are from WoWs blitz ingame


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