DSW Conquest Mode

There was an update in Dune Spice Wars (DSW) on Thursday, 22nd June. The main part of the update is a new game mode called conquest mode. Beside of this there are changes in resource management, added tutorials and faction bonuses.

DSW – Conquest Mode1,2

The conquest mode is comparable to a campaign mode. the aim is to claim the dominance over Arrakis. The playable faction in conquest mode are Atreides, Harkonnen and Corrino. So, you can play the campaign of each major house. It is designed to be highly replayable, challenging and process driven. You can modify your house with perks. The couquest mode just implemented but there will we also more features with upcoming updates.

Dune Spice Wars Conquest Mode and major update 22nd June 2023

New Tutorials3

There are five new tutorials to learn the basics of the game easily. The first tutorial is about “Basic Control” and you will learn the control of the camera, give orders to your units as well as to control the flow of time.

The second tutorial is about “Exploration” and you will learning the building of Ornithopters, explore your first regions on the map as well as understanding of Point of Interest.

Siege & Expansion” is the title of the third tutorial. This is all about recruiting your first units, capture a village and defending of an owned village.

The most interesting tutorial is the fourth tutorial named “Spice Harvesting“. In this chapter you will learn how to construct buildings, how to harvest spice and how you will fulfill your spice contract.

Water & Upkeep” is the fifth tutorial and important beside of harvesting spice. There you will learn to manage your availabe water and solari and how you use neighboring effect like reduction of upkeep with maintenance centre.

So, with the help of the tutorials, you will learn the basics of Dune Spice Wars with ease within 10 minutes or less.

Resource Management – DSW1

The focus is more on spice than on solari. Fuel cells ar enow a strategic resource because it can only be build on geothermal energy or in special region volcano. There are no fuel cells needed for refineries, ornithopters and airfields. But major buildings costs fuel cells. You will start the game with zero fuel cells.

Factions bonuses – DSW conquest mode update1

Harkonnen cannot use “Corruption” without Feyd-Rautha, but gain 50 intel by pillaging a village.

Smugglers now ignore distance for annexation authority costs, but the penalty for the number of owned villages is increased. Also the bounty moved from starting bonus to 5k hegemony. Smuggler villages not resupplying opponents moved from 5k to 10k hegemony. Now Smugglers can recruit heavy militia. The underworld headquartes have now three slot (previous two slots).

Corrino inflicts +10% damage against Traitors’ units.
Corrino 10k hegemony bonus Imperial Favors was removed but there is a new bonus (+ power and guild favor generation if you have more CHOAM shares than other factions).

Changes for Counselors1


  • Jessica cost for forcing treaty depends on the treaty but do not scale with the number of attempts anymore
  • Duncan slight nerf


  • Rabban “-20% militias power” replaced by “gain 100 Solari upon killing rebels
  • Iakin slight buff
  • Feyd-rautha “10 influence by killing rebels” replaced by “can use corruption” (corruption can no longer hurt Harkonnen)


  • Staban rework:
    • +1 extension slot in Underworld headquarters
    • Underworld headquarters with no empty slots produce 5 Solari per neighboring Underworld Headquarters
  • Bannerjee rework:
    • Unlock “Hidden Explosives” and “Local gang” UHQ extensions
    • Each underworld headquarter with at least 2 military extensions gives reduces upkeep and more supply to every units
  • Lingar rework:
    • Underworld headquarter produce 15% of the host village’s water production
    • Smuggling stashes, a smuggler only discovery, appear on the map
    • Resolving a discovery with military units heals 50% of max supply for all units in the region


  • Mother Ramallo “Enemy neighboring village debuff” replaced by “harvesting teams are stealth and can have +1 crew”
  • Stilgar “+10% resource production in the region of an ally Sietch” replaced by “controlled regions with a spice field give -20% upkeep in the region and their neighbors”


  • Aramsham rework:
    • All units have +10% power per faction in Truce
    • Sardaukar are available from the start
    • Sardaukar have +10% execution threshold against units of a Traitor
  • Irulan rework:
    • Votes on resolution with Imperial Edict count as 50% more
    • Can ally Sietches in neutral territory
  • Fenring:
    • Removed enemy Intel production debuff on Corrino assigned agents
    • Now unlocks Developpement Investment

Which faction do you play first now?


1: Full change list (Google Docs Document)

2: Steam

3: InGame


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