German destroyers

German destroyers in World of Warships Blitz are known for their strong artillery, good speed, and survivability. They are an allrounder destroyer. Their equipment is sonar (from tier 6 to higher), speed boost (from tier 4 on) and smoke (tier 9 and tier 10).

The German destroyer tech tree split at tier 7 in two sub-trees. In sum you have the option between torpedo and gunboat play style.

Torpedo and gunboat tech tree

Destroyers in the torpedo tech tree are Leberecht Maas, Z23, Z46 und Z-52. The torpedo speed is higher than 60 knots. A chance of water intrusion is between 12 and 14 %. The advantage of the torpedos is the reload time with lower than 50 seconds.

The gunboat tech tree consists of Z-31, Gustav-Julius Maerker, Felix Schulz, Elbing. They all have 150 mm main guns and are comparable to cruisers in general. Their torpedo speed is the worst for destroyers. It’s in the range of 50 knots.

Gameplay tips for German destroyer

If you follow the below tips you will maximize your potential to play German destroyers.

Use your guns wisely

Utilize Your Guns: German destroyers have powerful guns with excellent shell velocity. Use them to deal significant damage to enemy ships from a distance. Your high-explosive shells are effective against destroyers, while armor-piercing shells can penetrate cruisers and battleships.

Get a master for torpedo attacks

German destroyers carry good torpedo armament. Plan your torpedo attacks carefully, and try to catch enemy ships off guard or when they’re turning. Use islands or smoke screens to get close to your targets undetected.

High hitpoint pool

Play Aggressively: German destroyers are durable compared to other nations’ destroyers. Use this advantage to get close and harass enemy ships. Contest capture points and keep enemy destroyers at bay.

Detect enemies with Sonar

Utilize sonar: Most German destroyers have access to sonar consumable (from tier 6 on). It helps detect torpedoes and ships within its range, giving you an edge in close-quarter combat.

More useful tips

  1. Be Cautious of Aircraft: German destroyers lack strong anti-aircraft capabilities. Be mindful of enemy aircraft and try to stay near allies with better AA defenses.
  2. Positioning Matters: As with any destroyer, positioning is crucial. Stay near cover and use islands to your advantage. Don’t rush into open waters unless it’s necessary.
  3. Support Your Team: German destroyers excel at hunting enemy destroyers and contesting capture points. Support your team by spotting enemy ships, providing smoke cover for allies, and harassing the enemy’s flanks.
  4. Upgrade Modules Wisely: Focus on improving your main battery guns, torpedoes, and maneuverability when upgrading your ship.
  5. Captain Skills: Choose captain skills that enhance your destroyer’s strengths, such as Last Stand, Superintendent, and Vigilance.
  6. Practice and Adapt: As you progress through different tiers and face diverse opponents, adapt your playstyle and strategies accordingly. Practice regularly to improve your aiming and torpedo skills.

At tier 8 (torpedo tech tree) you have three single canons on your back. At tier 9 till you have two double canons on the back. With this you can enlarge distance to your target and do a good damage.

Remember, each ship in World of Warships Blitz has its unique playstyle, so experiment and find what works best for you. Good luck and have fun sailing the seas!

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