British Destroyer Guide

In this guide you find the advantages and disadvantages as well as playing a British destroyer.

What are in general the advantages of destroyers? Speed, camouflage, high torpedo range and manoeuvrability.

For British destroyers the evaluation is as follow:

torpedo range+
rating of british destroyers

Why is there for speed?

Because they are the slowest destroyers in each tier. They have a speed between 33 und 35 knots, depending on the related tier. This is very slow compared to the other destroyers in the game. So you have to think where you like to go on the map. Take in account that cruiser can hunt you with success.

Very good camouflage

The camouflage is very good. Depending on the tier it is between 5 and 6 km. So you are very sneaky. You can improve it more by using high crade coal -3 % surface detection (supplies), concealment system modification -10% surface detection (equipment, from tier 6 on) and with camouflage upgrade. The upgrade of camouflage you get via fleet shop (member of a fleet). The torpedo squad camouflage gives -3% surface detection. It lasts for six hours and costs 225 fleet medallions. So you can get easily -13% surface detection (high grade coal and concealment system modification).

Beside of the decreasment of surface detection you have Fuel smoke. It can be used while driving. the duraction is quite low, it is only 9 seconds. So you consider to get undetected again or fire few salves while in stealth.

Moderate torpedo range

You have a torpedo range between 6.6 (from tier 4 on) and 9 km (tier 9 & 10). A better torpedo range is 10.2 (Japanese, Europe) and 10.8 km (Italian). So on the first view the torpedo range is quite good, but combined with the low speed it can be mandotory that you stealth after firing the tropedos. Otherwise it can be that you are detected and a easy target.

The advantage of the torpedos are that they can be single fired (one by one). The option is to fire in a cone. With single fire mode you can be more precise where to shoot and you are more flexible than fire a cone.

Very good manoeuvrability

The turn time of the ship is fantastic. So here you aroud 3seconds what is very good. You can evade torpedos with ease.

Utilities you have

You have sonar (to detect enemy torpedos and ships, even if they are stealthed) and air defence alert (increase large and small caliber AA by 75% for 20 seconds).

The armor is bad

They have very low damage reduction (around 3%) as well als low torpedo damage reduction. Also they have a low amount of hitpoints. So be aware if you are detected.

There are guns

Yes, they have guns but that’s all. The guns are 120mm, quite a high reload time between 4 to 6 seconds (depends on tier) and low chance of setting fire (around 3%). You can use them if you are already detected and you want to answer the enemy fire. But you will do not the best damage with the guns.

Yo can play them as an scout, as torpedo destroyer or as an assistant for the team.

For a scout they are the first choice. As written above they have very good stealth abilities (fog generator, camouflage itself) and can drive near to the enemy team without getting detected. But be aware if you are detected you will be a easy target for the enemies.

They are also a first choice for torpedo destroyer with their good camouflage and single torpedo ability.

Another way to play the destroyer is to be in the second line and assist the team with sonar, air defence and fog generator and from time to time to shoot torpedos at near enemies.

In general keep in mind that a invisible playstyle is the best to play with British Destroyers. I hope I can give you the reasons for this in this guide.

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