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Fremen in Dune Spice Wars

The Fremen differ from the other playable factions in the game Dune Spice Wars, since, among other things, they have no prestige in Landsraad. In this Fremen guide, you’ll find the advantages and disadvantages available in the game, as well as the strategy to win the game.


Advantages and disadvantages – Overview – Fremen Guide

  • They do not require fuel
  • Generate hegemony in the production of water. Spice caravan does not attract sandworms (Spice can be collected in neutral villages)
  • military units consume 30% less supplies
  • Alliances can be made with Sietches (housing of neutral Fremen) outside the territory (at 10 000 Hegemony a building can be built in the allied Sietch)
  • they travel with sandworms, which they attract with knockers (no costs for airfield) after paying taxes (spice), they produce +1 authority daily (up to a maximum of 5 authority)
  • they have one building site less than the other factions (four building sites)
  • Ornithopters cost more solari (do not need the resource fuel)
  • They have less influence on the Landsraad (no reputation)
  • Caravan for Spice production produces less Spice than comparable harvesters of the other factions (with update Sand and Air they also got Spice silos, +20% Spice production)

Background of the Fremen

The Fremen are the inhabitants of the desert. The name Fremen is derived from free men. They fled to Dune during the Great Uprising, and they use distillation suits that they make themselves. This suit reduces the need for water in the desert and provides recycled water (e.g., from sweating). Water discipline is deeply embedded in the entire culture and way of life. The Fremen are humans who have thus adapted to the desert. They have tough tanned skin that is leathery to the touch and blue eyes due to excessive consumption of mélange (spice).

Counselor of the Fremen

As with all factions, two of four advisors can be selected. Depending on the starting strategy, different combinations are useful. You can choose rebellions in enemy factions, bonuses for combat units and bonuses on the production of authority per day.
For example, you can choose Mother Ramallo as a counselor. Then there is a 1% chance of rebellion in the enemy village each day (with the Air and Sand patch: +1% per adjacent foreign village to enemy village, Line in the Sand patch: 1% rebellion, and 3% less production**). The second bonus of Mother Ramalho is much better, because it’s 20% more resource production in the belonging village as well as adjacent villages, and this makes a lot of difference.
If you also like to stir up more rebellions, the counselor Chani Kynes will be recommended, which can be used in Landsraad resolutions limited to one faction.
If it is more important for you to have fast military units, then you will choose the counselor Otheyn, because he gives you a 10% bonus on the speed of your troops.
You will choose Stilgar Ben Fifrawi If you are more interested in economic victory (hegemony). He also gives you the bonus that each captured village increases the discovery of new sieges.

Overview of the counselor of the Fremen

Mother RamalloOtheymChani KynesStilgar Ben Fifrawi
construction of Shai – hulud Temple in own villages(+20 % production)+10 % speed for military unitscan initiate rebellion on the Landsraadfor resolutions, when the resolution passes.+10 % resource production in own village when there is an allied sietch in the same region
hostile, adjacent villages produce -3 % less resources and there is a 1 % chance for a daily rebelionif there are no friendly units nearby, the unit will get +25 % Force and 25 % damage reductionproduce +1 Intel / day for each adjacent neutral village+1 authority / day, when the spice field in the region is under control

Possible strategies – Fremen Guide

  1. Victory through hegemony
  2. Victory by domination

The option of a diplomatic victory in the Landsraad (Land Council) is not desirable, as the production of influence cannot keep up with the other factions. The share majority (>=50% of all shares) is possible, but difficult, since the Fremen will not swim in solari.

Victory by hegemony

Hegemony gained by:

  • Number of conquered villages
  • Workshops
  • Conquest of special regions
  • Additional buildings in the main base (administration hall: +15% hegemony, recycling barrels: +5 water per building in your main base, +100 hegemony, for each village producing water)

Victory by domination

  • Fremen units have more health than other factions
  • Fremen lose 30% less supplies outside the home area from the start of the game
  • Using sand worms allows surprise attacks, so you are unpredictable.
  • In espionage, sand camouflage can be produced, which masks the units and makes them visible only from close range. Also, the affected units get +20% speed.

Regarding the military solution, I can say that it is difficult for the Fremen to keep a conflict going longer. In other words, it means that the post-production of units takes the same amount of time, but the supply path can be interrupted, because the knockers (worm travel) have a cooldown. So it is better to be prepared to work with the army you are planning for the first attack. Fremen are suitable for hint and run attacks, that is looting. Quickly get to the enemy village, defeat militia, loot to it and away again. A successful withdrawal can be done via the “Deep Desert”.
With the appropriate research (Desert Mastery) in the expansion research tree (green), the units are automatically camouflaged in the “Deep Desert”, therefore the retreat route is optimally suited (Desert Mastery: -30% supply withdrawal per day in “Deep Desert”; camouflage of the units in “Deep Desert”). Additionally, the research of Paracompass is suitable (-25% Supply Drain per day). You can then make the return trip with the worm trip.

Strategies in detail Fremen guide

Start of the game

First, you should determine your main strategy, which is either hegemony-victory or military-victory. I recommend primarily going for hegemony-victory and staying in the background. Defeating all three other factions by military means is very resource consuming.
Water production should be your main focus. At the beginning of the game, all factions play the same. Conquer first settlement and then build plastic steel factory. The Fremen are special in that they do not need a Spice factory, but can build their Harvest Caravan as soon as they conquer the village. But don’t forget to send it to the corresponding Spice field after completion.
After conquering the first village and regenerating the life points of the military units (I recommend training two melee fighters at the beginning), you send them to the second village to conquer. You also start your research in the economic tree:

  • Composite Materials,
  • Spice Market
  • and Arakis Secret.

So, you assure to unlock additional workers for Harvest Caravan. After building the Plastic Steel Factory come Wind Trap (water) and Recruitment Office (more workers).
The first agent is assigned to Arakis, so you make sure you can produce additional authority. The second agent is then better off at the Space Guild (more manpower).

Mid to endgame Fremen guide

In this Fremen guide we will continue with the exploration of the three mentioned researches in the economic tree, because it depends on how the other players / AI plays.
If you notice an aggressive game of the other players, then I recommend you to strengthen your defense. First research Survival Strategy and then Defense Systems and Support Structures. Also, you should have at least two militias positioned in the village near the border. This will first hold off the enemy until your units are in place and is also a good base defense against raids.
If you have no enemy contact (medium or large map), then go to the research tree Expansion (green) or Statecraft (purple). Researching on statecraft is a good idea if you want to have more influence in the faction-independent infiltration options, for example. These are: the Arakis infiltration, space guild, CHOAM and the Landsraad. You also accelerate the training of additional agents when researching statecraft.

Special features in research – Fremen Guide



Spice Market has the special feature of making all Spice fields visible (for all factions +1 crew member in the harvester/caravan).
Arrakis Secrets gives +30% health to the caravan (for all factions +1 crew member in the harvester/caravan).
Spice Hegemony increases the Spice collection rate per allied Sietch by 5%. Additionally, resource production in the controlled village located in the region of an allied Sietch increases by 15%, plus the village gets an additional building slot.
The spread of faith In each neutral village produces +1.5 solari/day. You can use this to produce more solari after successfully defeating an enemy.


Sietch network brings the bonus of +5 Intel per allied sietch, and additionally it improves the recruitment speed of agents per allied sietch by +50%. In addition, this research allows the construction of Al-Gaib Temple as an additional building in the main base ( +20% of Spice, resource production increased by 40%, for villages in the vicinity, +40% resources when trading with sietches).
With the research of Desert Shadows, the Fremen have the advantage that their agents are captured with a -50% chance if an operation is detected by the opposing faction.


True People in Military research gives the Fremen a Fremen mercenary after liberating a village. In addition, the Fremen receive +30 manpower for liberating the village.
Desert Command gives +500 Solari when a village is liberated, and military units using the sandworm as transportation get a bonus on their first five attacks.


Sand Brotherhood allows the bonus of +15% production of authority per controlled “Deep Desert”. The water maintenance cost for villages is reduced by 25%. Also, in the main base, the additional building Recycling Barrels (+5 water for each building in the main base, +100 hegemony for each village producing water, +25% maximum supply) becomes available to build.
Dune walker allows water maintenance for military units -30%. Supply withdrawal per day is -30%. Harvest caravan has 30% higher speed.
Desert Mastery allows reducing the stock withdrawal in “Deep Desert” by 30%. In addition, units in Deep Desert do not slow down and military units gain stealth in Deep Desert.

I hope you had fun reading the Fremen Guide and got a lot of useful information. Otherwise, I’d be happy to hear from you about how you play the Fremen or what tips and tricks you’d like to share.

Game updates

10/24/2022: *Update Sand and Air

12/26/2022: Table of contents and upgrade of land units

02/04/2023: **Update Line in the Sand


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