Italian destroyers Guide

Italian destroyers in World of Warships Blitz are known for their speed and maneuverability. They are also equipped with SAP shells that can penetrate the armor of enemy ships and cause significant damage. However, they have low HP and are vulnerable to enemy fire.

Characteristics Italian destroyer

All Italian destroyers are equipped with SAP shells. They do more damage then AP shells and have higher armour penetration than HE shells. But they can bounce on the hostile target more easily than AP shells. You should use SAP shells for low armoured targets like other destroyers. In general you can choose the ammunition between HE and SAP shells.

Gameplay tips for Italian destroyer

  • Use your speed and maneuverability to dodge enemy fire and get into position to attack.
  • Use your SAP shells to penetrate the armor of enemy ships and cause significant damage.
  • Be aware of your low HP and avoid getting hit by enemy fire.
  • Use your smoke screen to conceal your movements and escape from danger.
  • Use your torpedoes to attack enemy ships from a distance.

Additional notes

Italian destroyers are good to hunt hostile destroyers, but be aware to do not get in fire angles of other enemy ship. Because you play a fragile destroyer. Use your torpedos often, they have a low decay time. Your torpedoes are your friend to avoid unnecessary damage from short distance. Be clear about your decision to use your guns because of their short range. Get out of combat with smoke and speed boost.

At tier 6 the ship Aviere has a torpedo range of 8.7 km. This will get even better at tier 8 (Vittorio Cuniberti) with 10.2km.

The smoke generator produces fog each second for two second duration. It last for six seconds.


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